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Needle Felted Dryer Ball Kit

Create your own beautiful and functional dryer balls while learning to needle felt and choose your favorite essential oil scent(s) to get the perfect aroma for your laundry… you’ll never buy dryer sheets again!

Kit Includes:
Solid Color Wool Roving
Assortment of accent wool colors - colors vary and may not be the ones depicted
Written lnstructions

You will Need:
Foam Felting Pad
Felting Needles (1-3): Clover 8905(Fine Weight),  Clover 8906(Heavy Weight), Colonial Needles
Needle Felting Holder (optional)
Essential Oils (optional)

Kit makes one dryer ball -  3-5 are recommended in one load of laundry

What do Dryer Balls Do?
They help keep your laundry from clumping together in the dryer, which reduces dry-time. They hold heat, which also helps reduce drying time. They reduce and can eliminate static cling, naturally. They are a natural, safe and earth-friendly alternative to traditional dryer sheets / softeners. They are fun & easy to make and are even great as gifts!

Using dryer balls with essential oils at home: For the FIRST USE, add a few drops to each dryer ball when you begin the laundry in your washer. Set the dryer balls aside until the wash is done. This will allow the oils to absorb into the dryer balls and later disperse more evenly as the dryer runs. Use 3 - 5 dryer balls /load. Re-apply oils as desired or maintain a constant scent by adding oils about every 5 loads.

Essential Oil Applications
Lavender - calming, relieves stress / anxiety, promotes sleep,
anti-bacterial, repels insects (moths, fleas, flies and mosquitos)
Tea Tree - anti-bacterial / viral / fungal, repels flies and mosquitos, deodorizer
Bergamont (citrus) - deodorizer, antidepressant, stress relief
Peppermint - soothing, may induce alertness, insect repellent
Eucalyptus - increase focus, insect and rodent repellent
Patchouli - antidepressant, anti-fungal, insect repellent