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Finishing Services

Looks can be deceiving when you’re armed with needles at all times. We’re actually very friendly people— the friendliest in fact. Why? It’s because we offer finishing services. We’ll cast on, block, weave in ends, sew on buttons and do all the pain-in-the-neck work for you so you can come out of the store with a finished project that you’re proud of.

Call us to make an appointment at 860-404-0694 or fill out the Finishing Service Request Form
Shawl shown below is Multnomah - a free pattern on Ravelry.

Skype Help

We want to see your beautiful face! But sometimes you can’t make it to our store and that’s perfectly okay. Here at Knit & Pearls, we want to accommodate you to the best of our abilities and that is why we offer assistance over Skype. It’s the next best thing to helping you in person and that makes us happier than a newly shorn sheep in the springtime.

Call us to make an appointment at 860-404-0694.