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Welcome to Knit & Pearls

Welcome to Knit & Pearls! It’s how we greet everyone who walks in the store. It’s how we want you to feel…always welcome!

Hi and welcome to our new Knit & Pearls blog!! Cannot tell you how excited we are to be starting on this adventure. We have been discussing the idea for so long, it’s such a pleasure to see it come to fruition.

Knit & Pearls is a local yarn shop (LYS) residing in Avon, CT which is a small, close-“knit” town in the beautiful Farmington Valley. We really strive to not only be a LYS that carries high quality yarn and knitting, crochet and weaving supplies but to be the place you think of when you need to be creative, need to unwind or to just forget the issues of the day. Our mission is to combine great crafting with a sense of community and comfort. The greatest compliment is when customers come in and tells us how warm and welcoming the store is. With the addition of our new blog, we are hoping to share this sense of community even more!


My name is Heather and Janet and I are the co-owners of Knit & Pearls. Our journey to this point could not have been more different but our partnership works so well because of it! As two working moms with spouses and kids still at home, we have found a way to balance the demands of working with the needs of our family. With the help of long time employee and friend, Cindy, and our latest addition to the family, Nicole, we are a full complement of skills and talents. Looking forward to see what the future has in store!!

Northern Lights 6-14 (3)

So much happens every day at the store, it is awesome to think we will be able to share them with others through the blog. Whether it’s the excitement of a new shipment or the excitement of picking out our next colorwave family for Yarns to Inspire (did I mention we have our own hand-dyed line?) or the latest project progress, we will try to hit the highlights so that you don’t miss any of the fun.